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Cutting Edge Video Production

There’s no more compelling way to tell your brand’s story than through video. We’re an Indianapolis-based digital marketing company that specializes in the video production. It’s what we built our business on. We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their customers through engaging and dynamic video production, and we can help you too. Whether you need something straightforward like a webinar or training video or an elaborate entertainment video with drone footage and multiple locations, our experienced video production crew can bring your vision to life, including concepting, scripting, location scouting, production scheduling, casting, shooting, virtual sets, and final editing.

Virtual Sets & Events

In our 4,700 square foot studio with a 60’x30′ green screen corner cyclorama wall, you can be anywhere and host any number of events through the power of our virtual sets.

2D & 3D Animation

Create engaging marketing videos, ads, corporate presentations, educational materials, and more with 2D and 3D animated videos that set you apart from the competition.

Virtual Reality

When you need up close and personal but can’t be up close, virtual reality video production is a stand-out way to impress an audience.


Whether you need an ad for a website or other online media, the television or to play in a stadium, you’ll get high quality video that elevates your brand.

Live Action

From a skateboard to a lift, walking forward or backward, we do what it takes to get the shot. We get inside your brand and your audience’s mind with live action footage.


Just because you (or your interns) have a camera on your phone doesn’t mean you should forego professional photography. We understand the importance of and are skilled at composition, lighting and editing photos.  

Igniting Passion for Your Brand Fuels Our Team

Our Mission

We exist to tell great stories that stand out and improve customer perceptions and the value of the organization.

Doing Restoration Right is a Serious Matter.

Hays + Sons was built on the promise to do right by people. This video shows their customers that enduring commitment. 

Pure Joy!

Overwhelmingly, all who are involved with Special Olympics Indiana explain the experience as “pure joy.” Watch the video, get involved, and see for yourself.

It’s a Thursday Party!

Parties and pride go together. In this entertaining video from Thursday Pools, prospective pool buyers can get a real picture of memory making fun.

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Video and VR is not the future, it’s the present. The potential is truly limitless. In the digital age, you can give your prospects a fully immersive, up-close-and-personal experience of your brand. Get a jump on your competition and wow your prospects by adding Video and VR experiences to your digital marketing campaigns.

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Indianapolis Video Production

Looking for the right video production partner to help bring your storytelling video to life? With so many video production companies today, how do you know you are choosing the right partner for your project? Do you choose a video production company in Indianapolis or does it matter? Are you doing Indy marketing, state-specific marketing , or a national campaign? Does budget or location make a difference in your selection?

In terms of video production investment, the Midwest can be more cost effective than the big cities or the coasts. A well equipped video production company can work with any client around the world. If you’re ready to pivot your marketing and work with an Indy marketing agency that can bring your storytelling to life, there are several considerations that will help get you on the right track.

When evaluating a video production company to produce your next project, there are many things to consider along with a series of qualifying questions you should ask before making your decision. There are many mistakes businesses should avoid. One of the biggest mistakes in choosing a video production company is selecting the cheapest company available. There’s an old saying that holds true…”good work ain’t cheap…and cheap work ain’t good.” This also applies to video production in Indianapolis.

There have been many times businesses have called MediaFuel because their video production company ruined their corporate video, brand story, animation, drone video or other video project. It was fast, quick and cheap and the product shows. Now the client is stuck with a video they can’t use. So, how do you avoid getting shoddy video production? Who is the best company to hire when there are so many options available?

Marketing Companies, Video Production Companies, Agencies…Who is the best?

When evaluating if you should hire a marketing agency, video production company or agency to produce your next corporate video or animation, you should ask yourself these key questions:

  • What story do I want to tell through video?
  • How do I make a storytelling video work with my marketing strategy?
  • Is my video part of a one off campaign or will I reuse it for multiple purposes?
  • Do I need to drive customers or prospects to this video?
  • How will I measure the performance of this video?
  • How does a video production partner fit into my overall long term strategy?

Most clients are unsure who to partner with when producing their next video project. Marketing companies and agencies can be good at strategy and execution of your video project, plus measuring the effectiveness of the video. A video production company may be good at producing your video, but many times, it ends there. There is no support for longer term strategy or execution of driving customers and prospects to your video. What’s the value of a great storytelling video if no one really sees it?

You need a blend of video production strategy, creation, launching the product then measuring and calibrating the success of the video. We’ve seen clients spend tens of thousands of dollars on corporate videos with no strategy and they flop on views. On the other hand, we’ve seen clients invest in video production and strategic marketing combined and get off the charts ROI results. The advantage of working with a digital marketing agency with an in-house video department is that you get the best of both worlds.

Video Storytelling Examples and Creative Production Videos

Corporate video production

Corporate videos can be produced live action style (film or drone from camera) or live action with a combination of animated graphics. These type of videos are usually high impact videos that tell a story with a mix of b-roll, interviews, voiceovers, music and more. Corporate videos can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes on average.

Virtual Video Production and Events

Virtual video production combines people filmed against green screen and placing them against a virtual set. These type of videos can be virtual events, conferences, seminars, training and more. Virtual video production can be pre-recorded or broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other channels.  Learn more about Virtual event production

Motion Graphic and Animation Videos

Motion graphic or animated videos tell a story through the use of graphics that are animated and usually are supported by a voiceover and music. These videos contain animated characters, places, objects and scenes that tell a story when produced in a certain sequence. Graphics, colors and branding can be customized according to the company’s brand guide.

Lead Generation Videos

Lead gen videos are crafted and produced to drive traffic to your brand through social and digital campaigns. These videos are usually formulated to drive a call to action to a landing page, contact form, e-book or other offer. The formulation of these vides are part of a larger strategic campaign that also contains other lead gen videos for other tactical purposes.

Product Videos

Product videos are produced to tell a story about your product in away that a user is drawn to want to know more. This video can be driven to a landing page, contact form or other call to action.

Campaign Videos

Campaign videos are made to get the audience to think or feel a certain way according to the campaign objectives. These videos can be live action or animated videos depending on the strategy and desired outcome. The videos should accompany an overall strategic marketing communications plan if done correctly.

Real Estate and architectural videos

When featuring a real estate project including construction, quality, design or processes, video storytelling can can be done through various styles of video. From brand films and drone video to 360 video, a story can be told from a unique perspective when communicating to the audience utilizing the right type of video technology in the right social channel.

Virtual reality videos

Virtual reality videos bring the audience into an immersive type experience using 360 video or animated graphics. This type of video experience gives viewers the sense that they are there in the scene using the interaction of a web browser, tablet or smart phone. Virtual reality video requires more planning and production time due to the interactive nature of the immersive experience.

Drone videos

Drone video production offers a new expansive, perspective of cinematic style shots. Drones have been used for all styles of video and are not limited to exterior shots given the size of drones today. Drone videos are used in brand films, corporate video production, video and product storytelling, real estate videos, product videos and more.

About MediaFuel and the Indianapolis Video Production Studio

MediaFuel is a video production company and digital agency in Indianapolis area for over 20 years. Our full-service digital marketing agency has been producing high quality videos for companies including the Indianapolis Colts, NASCAR, Eli Lilly, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Pulte Homes, Herff Jones and more. Our corporate video production services have become one of the most widely sought after resources in the video services industry.

MediaFuel’s state-of-the-art 4,700 square foot video video production studio in Fishers, Indiana features a 30X60 green screen and white screen backgrounds, big enough for large indoor video shoots. MediaFuel also offers virtual event production using Unreal Engine and virtual sets. This technology is used by The Weather Channel, NFL’s Red Zone, WWF and other major news and sports networks. Using Unreal Engine and Brainstorm, we can create virtual sets to be used for live broadcasts, pre-recorded events, or other high-quality videos in a unique environment. Lean more about the Indianapolis video studio.