Virtual studio set

Make it Unreal at MediaFuel’s Studio

Typically only available at major news and sports networks, MediaFuel’s virtual studio is a 4,700 square foot space that is big enough for large indoor shoots where the background and other graphic elements of your video can be manipulated in real time for the ultimate virtual/augmented reality experience using Unreal Engine and Brainstorm 3D technology.


  • 60’x25’ Green screen corner cyclorama wall
  • InfinitySet virtual set and augmented reality solution allows multiple input sources whether live orprerecorded feed that may connect to trackless, tracked, or a combination of tracked and trackless cameras
  • Unreal Engine technology for advanced realtime 3D creation, photoreal visuals, and immersive experiences
  • Aston 2D and 3D realtime motion graphics and fonts

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