Commercial Video Production

What is commercial video production?

Video Advertisements

Commercial video production includes a variety of advertising types. Video advertising can be used to garner brand awareness, brand loyalty and to communicate promotions and events. In the Digital Age, you no longer see video advertisements only on television, but you will also find them on websites, social media, in arenas, and even on elevators. They may be live action or animated. They may be 30 seconds or 30 minutes. One thing that you can expect is that they engage your audience at a higher level.  

Commercial Video Production Process

To ensure quality, our video advertising follows a general order of steps:

Step 1: Concepting / Scripting / Storyboarding

We start each video ad project with a kickoff and then start concepting. This culminates into script writing and/or storyboarding to present the concept(s).


Step 2: Pre-Production 

With an approved script/storyboard, it’s time to really figure out the shots, the location, equipment and props needed. This is when we will schedule the shoot, book the actors and begin building the set if needed.


Step 3: The Shoot 

This is the fun part when the concept comes alive.


Step 4: Edit

Once all the footage is captured, we edit, color correct, add music and voiceover create a polished piece.


Step 5: Distribute

Upon client approval, the ad gets turned into the needed format and distributed.

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