Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Give your company a voice. Blogging is important for reaching current and potential customers.

Your business is successful because you, and everyone you work for, have a lot of experience in doing whatever it is your business does. Blogging allows you to show the world your area of expertise. It also generates more traffic to your website through SEO. Whenever you place keywords that pertain to your area of expertise in a blog post, those keywords help your company show up first on search results. Let’s say your business’ expertise is in photography and you are located in Indianapolis. A consumer is looking for someone to take photos for them. They go to Google and type in “photographers in Indianapolis” into the search engine bar. If you have a blog dedicated to your craft then your business could show up at the top of that consumer’s Google search. Other search terms (keywords), if placed into your blog correctly, will allow your business to show up in case a consumer uses different keywords in their search. For example your business could also show up for “photography Indianapolis,” or “photography studios in Indianapolis.” Your ranking in Google’s search results relies heavily on how active you are on social media and on your own website.

Let’s do a quick example. Your business has a lot of experience with a certain product. Someone on your team writes a blog post about it, including a lot of keywords relevant to your business and the product you’re selling. The blog is posted on all of your social media sites, shared by consumers who are already engaged with your product, and opened up to a whole different audience of consumers. Your blog post now has a lot of page hits and is high in keyword search results. Now that post could be the first thing to show up on Google’s search results whenever a consumer searches for the product your company supplies.

Blogging can drive sales or gain you valuable clients. But one thing remains when dealing with blogs. You have to keep developing relative content, while also keeping whatever it is you have to say engaging. Involving other content like pictures and video help keep your viewers captivated to your blog, and not scared away by an army of words. Blogging and SEO seem simple, but in the long run it requires a lot of time and effort to keep all of your content relevant and engaging.

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