Why Blog?

You and your staff are busy as it is. Blogging regularly might seem like a pointless chore. Wrong. Blogging is an essential tool for improving your company’s online presence and building your desired audience. Here’s how it works:

Organic Search Engine Optimization – Forget trying to cheat the system with AdWords, link-builder spam and pay per clicks. Blogging is a free and simple way to increase your website’s performance in search engine results. The key to success is remembering to include industry-relevant keywords in your articles.By composing blogs that are relevant to your field and interesting to your desired customer base, you’ll make it easier for potential clients to find your site right off the bat.

Showing Off – Showcase your business’ strengths and expertise. By encouraging your staff to take turns as contributors, your blog will highlight each of your staff member’s unique expertise. This also gives your readers a chance to get to know your business on a personal level. There’s a real and talented group of people behind your business, so show them off!

Facilitate Feedback – Blogging can give you direct insight into the mind of your consumer. By allowing comments and feedback on your blog, you can get an idea of which of your chosen topics are sparking customer interest. Mutual participation is key here; if someone leaves you a comment on your blog, make sure to reply with a hasty and positive response!

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