What we’ve been up to: GRand Solutions

At MediaFuel we get to work with a lot of different companies, in a lot of different industries. The vastly different industries we get to work with is probably one of my favorite aspects about working in marketing, no two client projects are ever the same.

One recent client win MediaFuel had was our partnership with GRand Solutions. GRand Solutions is another marketing agency that focuses in areas of public relations, event solutions, corporate and team services, and athlete services in the race car industry. We started working with GRand Solutions back in May as Indianapolis was gearing up for the Indianapolis 500. This was one of those unique opportunities we were presented with, and working along side another marketing agency was a great experience.

Our first project with GRand Solutions was to create a marketing deck for one of their up and coming race car drivers, Karl Weber. The marketing deck is a seven page PDF with Karl’s information, what makes him unique, and some really cool pictures of Karl. The marketing deck has an edgy look and feel all while still presenting Karl’s information in an appealing manner for sponsors.

Our current project with GRand Solutions is a complete website redesign for INDYCAR driver Stefan Wilson. Stefan Wilson, a native of England, is another up and coming driver. Stefan is already well known in the world of auto racing for being a good public speaker, personable, charismatic, well educated and above all, great with fans and sponsor guests. Stefan wanted a fresh, modern, and progressive look and feel to his website with large graphics, a large space for his social media, and an area where sponsors can get a good feel for who he is. Stefan also coaches young drivers in the sport and wanted to show case his talents as a coach and mentor as well.

GRand Solutions has been a great partnership and the MediaFuel team has really enjoyed working along side with them. We’re excited to launch Stefan’s website, check out our case studies page in the upcoming weeks for a final look at the end product!

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