Video Production Spotlight: Herff Jones

The video production process brings your consumer up close and personal with your brand by simply watching a viral video.

What They Wanted | Herff Jones came to MediaFuel in the spring of 2013 with the hopes of creating a viral video that could be used to showcase their brand to upcoming graduates. Herff Jones knew that the percentage of graduates actually walking at graduation had become lower than in previous years. That fact is where the idea began to take shape. The first step in the video production process was story boarding. Herff Jones had a rough idea of what they wanted from the video, so MediaFuel took the idea and began a heavy brainstorm. We didn’t want to throw their product into student’s faces. We wanted to inspire kids to walk at graduation. We hoped that once they had the idea in their head they would be interested in purchasing regalia.

What Happened | With the story boarding process over, it was time to pass the project on to the next step in the video production process. Being an Indianapolis video production company we had access to the University of Indianapolis. A perfect location for a video shoot about college graduates. We packed our bags and headed out of the studio. We spent the day with Herff Jones and cast members. Shooting went great besides the noise from students during their passing periods. When you market yourself as a professional video production agency you need to make sure that you are prepared for anything. We had a great team that made adjustments and the extra noise didn’t become a lingering problem. The cast and crew were put into place and it was lights – camera – action!

Post Production | After all of the footage was brought back to the studio it was up to our video editor to work his magic. We needed to turn all of our footage into a story. Hours of editing later and we had a great first draft to send back to Herff Jones. They were impressed, even with a first draft, and we were very pleased with how our footage turned out. After a few more edits and adjustments, the input of a perfect sound track, and some motion graphics, the piece was ready to go viral.

The Final Product | Herff Jones was delighted when we revealed the final video, so much so that one of the employees was quoted as saying, “It’s not very often that projects exceed our expectations.”