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Video Production in Indiana

180 million people in the United States watch 36.9 billion videos per month (ComScore). That’s too big of a number for your company to overlook at their next marketing strategy meeting. The way big companies are getting their brand out to the public is by informative, smart, and fun viral videos. The days of your stereotypical infomercials are gone. Now consumers want to be entertained, without having a product thrown in their face.

Online video marketing has gotten very competitive, as well as creative. Effective brands are producing the most content, and rightfully so, when each brand is trying to out do the other on their race to millions of views. Even if your company doesn’t have a large following, getting a high number of views for your video isn’t too hard to come by these days. In the digital age most views are coming from mobile users. In fact, according to ComScore, mobile viewing has increased 10x in just one year. Social media sites are now easily accessible on smart phones. Having a substantial collection of information at your fingertips means promoting your video through social media sites is key to accumulating views. Including a video in a Facebook post or a tweet can increase views by almost 75%.

Production agencies aren’t just producing content for businesses in hopes their video production services will be recognized . Some agencies want to show their human side. This is why entertainment plays such a large role in successful viral videos. You could create a 3-minute interview with your company’s boss, that might be shot beautifully, but it won’t engage anyone in your message. Most viewers will stop watching after just twenty seconds. That’s when your innovative team steps up to the plate, points to the stands in left field, and hits a viral marketing homerun right out of the park. You don’t want to strike out with a dud of a video.

We promise that was our last baseball metaphor; now it’s back to business.

Hiring a professional agency to create a video for your company is a great idea. You get the assurance that their marketing video services, and years of experience, will guarantee a video that will reflect your brand and entertain your consumers. With an Indianapolis video production team, like the one at MediaFuel, your company’s marketing solution could be right in your back yard. Finding the right video production company in Indiana has never been easier.

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