Online Video Training

How do you give presentations, sales pitches or training programs in several places at the same time without needing to travel at all? By using online video presentations or video training programs, you can be in multiple places at one time, all while you are in your home location shooting the next installment of the series. Not only can you reach many more people this way, but you save money for the company in the process.

MediaFuel, an Indianapolis based video production studio, can create the right training or sales video series for your company, no matter where you are going to be presenting them. For instance, a company in Ohio may have eight different satellite offices in different counties. For training, there are two options: the smaller offices can send their staff to the main office, having to pay for travel time, lunch expenses, etc. In addition to these costs, there is the loss of man-hours on the clock and the potential cost for staff replacement for those days if the hours need to be covered.

In a very small company, the chance that you will be incurring overtime hours for at least some of your staff is very high, further driving up your costs. Your second option is to use online or video presentations that could eliminate the cost of the travel, lunches and some of the overtime hours as well, saving your company great amounts of money. In addition to the money that is being saved, it will save the environment as well, with less travel needed by the company’s staff.

A sales pitch that is done via online video can be easier than trying to set up a sales meeting, also saving time and money for both sets of participants. For example, Bob is a sales rep from Indiana. He would like to sell his product line to George, the buyer from a company in Wyoming. In the old days, Bob would travel to George or vice versa and each would be charging their respective companies, one for travel costs and one for entertaining. If the sales pitch is effective, then the money spent is money well invested. If the sales pitch is not effective, it is completely lost money.

Using online video pitches eliminates the cost of travel and entertainment with another advantage: there is no need to try to fit these sales meetings into jam-packed schedules since the viewer can pick the time to watch the informative video at their own discretion.

Another advantage of the video sales pitch is the ability to present your information to more than one person at a time. In fact, you could literally be giving your pitch to dozens of people, in dozens of states or even foreign countries, at the same time. The video should be informative enough to get the customer ready to buy, so that all they have to do is pick up the phone or shoot off an email to do business with you.

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