Top Ten Marketing Tips

In the world of business, being able to get the customer and keep the customer is the key to growing your company. If you are not using every tool at your disposal to generate leads, make sales and retain customers, then you are not working very hard to keep your company afloat. If you truly want to succeed, you have to first master the art of marketing.

Tip One: Make Sure That You Have the Basics Covered

Do your research before you do any single other thing. Know who you are potentially selling to, what they like to see in their ads, where they get the bulk of their information and where they do the bulk of their shopping. You will never make a profit with an online-only ad from a demographic that never shops online. You will never succeed if you are not putting your name and product in front of the people that will be most likely to make a purchase if they find you.

Tip Two: Do Not Think With Only One Mind

It is easy to get bogged down and pigeonholed into one media type. However, you are missing out on a number of opportunities to market to potential new customers by utilizing other marketing types in the meantime. Jump across the virtual pond with a television or radio spot, or take your ad to the web with an online presence, and just continue to keep Tip One in mind when you do so.

Tip Three: Think Value, Not Volume

One good email sent to a potential customer is a good thing. Ten emails, no matter how expertly written or designed, is not. Know the difference between informational email and overwhelming email and when to send it. (Wednesday and Thursday are reported to have the highest click through rate for emails).

Tip Four: Know the Value of PR and Articles

A well written press release gives more publicity to your company and drives more attention to your site. Articles, especially those that are deemed to have high value to your customers, can also increase your standings in the rankings and can make your site one that people return to often. Great articles, especially those that are actually fun to read, will get more attention for your site as well.

Tip Five: Know the Meaning and Importance of SEO

If you do not know what SEO is or how it impacts your business, then it is very important that you speak to the right SEO Company that can not only explain it clearly but help you get your company back on track and ready to face the whole new marketing world.

Tip Six: Know How to Inform Your Customers

The point of ads, emails and other information is to get your customers to your door or to your website, with the ultimate goal of getting them to make a purchase or give their information. If you are giving away all of the info on a banner ad or in your emails, they may not feel that they need to take the next step at all and visit your site because you have given them too much information. Leave the people wanting more and they will often be curious enough to come seeking it.

Tip Seven: Know When to Inform Your Customers

You should change ads or emails often to prevent boredom. However, you should also do so when you have new information that needs to be given quickly, for instance, for a special sale, a new product launch or another development.

Tip Eight: Make Sure that Your Website is Doing Its Duty

You should be monitoring the behavior of your customers on your website, finding out how many are leaving their information where prompted and how many sales you are making. If the numbers are not growing or even worse, they are falling off, you must automatically find out why and make any necessary changes.

Tip Nine: Make Sure That Your Website is Working Properly

If you have added videos or other multi-media tools, you should be doing frequent performance checks so that you know whether or not there are issues. Keep in mind that the more tools you use, the slower the site might load, even with faster internet connections. However, you should also know that these tools might cause computer freezes for those with dial-up connections, which is a problem if many of your customers are stuck with dial-up.

Tip Ten: Make Sure That You are Using the Right Company for All of Your Marketing Needs

The old saying is that too many cooks spoil the soup. For your business, the more outside agencies that you hire, the more people that you have to deal with and the more cracks there are for details to fall through. Using a company that can do everything and do everything well is far better, allowing you the convenience of one-stop shopping so to speak and making sure that your marketing efforts are coordinated and streamlined.

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