Keep Social Media Fresh

It seems every one who owns a computer and spends more than a couple hours a day on the Internet browsing social media sites considers themselves “social media experts.” With so many experts out there, opinions on what social media marketing strategy is right or wrong can be overwhelming.

Using social media for marketing seems like it would be a simple task. To the occasional social media user, it is an easy way to share with friends or family significant news about their lives. The targeted audience already cares about what goes on in their life, so getting a handful of “likes” comes easy. But for the business that is continually searching for their target audience those “follows” and “likes” don’t come so simply.

Social media and business go hand and hand, because like social media, your business needs to be constantly nurtured. Reports need to be updated, a project needs improved, or the overall style of your company needs an overhaul. Social media for business is important and it’s not easy.

Using social media is free and effective – if used properly. Continually updating your company’s blog with useful and fresh information keeps your bounce rate low. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave, rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site (click link for more SEO terms). What people – who don’t use social media for marketing – don’t understand is the amount of time that needs to be dedicated to properly nurture your social media sites.

Having the ability to provide continual fresh content is one of the most effective social media tools out there. Viewers want to be engaged with your product and constantly entertained. Keep your social media fun, new, and informational. So, when you’re looking for social media advice just remember to keep it fresh.

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