SnapTags vs. QR Codes

Are you tired of seeing those ugly black and white square blots everywhere you look? Well now there is a solution; SnapTags. SnapTags are raising the bar for interactive communication. SnapTags work like QR codes but give you much more. Instead of using a 2-D barcode, you now are able to use your very own logo that’s much more visually appealing to the consumer. This branding tool is extremely powerful for initiating consumer engagement at which the consumer is likely triggered by an emotional response.

Powered by SpyderLynk Platform, SnapTags will turn your logo into an interactive mobile campaign that tracks consumer engagement and builds relationships. There is a Code Ring around the logo that can be positioned thousands of different ways, allowing you to build thousands of logo-code combinations for different mobile campaigns.

Unlike QR Codes, SnapTags can be used with a standard mobile phone. Consumers will get instant access to offers, content, promotions, and information by snapping a picture and sending the SnapTag to a designated short code or by scanning the SnapTag by using the SnapTag Reader App on a Smartphone.

If your innovative business is ready for the next big trend, SnapTags is the future of QR Codes. “It’s more accessible, more sophisticated, and completely branded,” according to SpyderLynk.

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