Responsive Mobile Websites

One Site to Fit Them All

Everywhere you look there is a smart phone in use. You see them at the mall, the restaurants, on the bus, the train and sadly, in the hands of the driver in the car beside yours. It is almost as if the user cannot possibly dream of looking away from their smart phone for one single second, for fear they miss some important detail of their life, both professional and personal. How is your mobile website looking? Is your website mobile friendly?

With the rise of the iPhone and Android phones as well as the iPad and other tablets, the web is being viewed on more and more mobile devices. If you are trying to reach your customers and you know that they are going to be within an arm’s reach of one of their mobile devices at all times, it is best that you create and generate a website that will be most effective for all devices.

Not all web design companies will develop a mobile websites for you. Some marketing companies won’t even suggest it. MediaFuel, an Indianapolis web design  and digital agency, will not only suggest that you do so, but will help you to create the best web design for all devices, including a mobile website, making the absolute most of your marketing campaign in the process. If you want to stay alive in today’s always-on-the-go marketplace, then you have to take your message to the people and catch them where they live.

MediaFuel looks at each web design process from three avenues: desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Users want the same information available across all devices. This way they can easily find what they want, when they want it. A new technology popping up is Responsive Web Design. A responsive website is a website in which it’s layout responds to the size of the users device.


When you view a responsive site on a mobile device you are getting the same website you would see on a desktop computer, except that it has been optimized for easy reading, easy navigation, and better information layout. It limits the amount of pinching & zooming that would be needed to see small text on the screen.

A recent study revealed that the average American is down to less than twenty hours of leisure time per week, and of that time, much of it is spent in what is deemed “gray time”. During this time, they are on the computer, or using their smart phones, tablets, such as the iPad, to surf the web, which is multi-tasking – not really working, but not really relaxing either.

We give our leisure time away because we have become absolute zombies to the glow of a web page. Any Indianapolis web design or digital agency would tell you that in these cases you either kill the zombie or you control it. Since it is technically poor form to kill your customers, directing their attention to your web site is the better option and will keep from depleting your marketing numbers. You have to devise the right campaign however, keeping in mind that not all web pages delivered to the smart phones or other devices are equal.

A responsive web site allows for smart phones to view the same well-designed and sharply executed web page without making the tablet users feel shorted out in production quality. Walking that fine line between the two can be a tight dance, but well worth the effort. It is also important that the people that are viewing the pages get fast response times and quality graphics and text, so constant monitoring is a must as well.

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