What’s P2P?

Marketing Strategy Overview

Our Prospect2Promoter Marketing Strategy is a proven process that consists of nine essential elements or steps that ensures a winning strategy for small and medium sized businesses.

Let’s Break It Down

Business Objectives

Aligning your marketing objectives to your business’ goals means looking at your sales targets and knowing how marketing will drive purchases. At this stage, it’s all about the numbers and making databased decisions regarding what you can expect from marketing efforts. Don’t expect perfection but focus on creating a target. You must measure progress and make adjustments as you gain insights into what is working best to produce results.

Customer Perceptions & Beliefs Workshop

An example of an underlying belief is “product A” is more effective than “product B.” Underlying beliefs cause a customer to either choose your services or products, choose a competitor’s services or products, or choose to do nothing. Exploring the customer’s underlying beliefs is an effective way to gain insight into how you will communicate your value proposition to your prospects.

Promoter Perception Study

Qualitative indepthinterviews are a great way to uncover the perceptions and beliefs that drive customer behavior. They are directionally correct and can shape and refine your marketing position and the specific initiatives you’ll deploy in your marketing plan. Together, step two and step three of your marketing strategy and plan lay a strong foundation for clarifying your message in step seven.

P2P Perception Map

You need to look at lead and lag indicators to get a clear picture of what is working in your marketing strategy and plan. Steps two and three of the Prospect2Promoter Marketing Communication Strategy involve identifying and inventorying the perceptions that motivate purchase. In this step, we map the perceptions to show their relative importance, the customers’ beliefs that your business can deliver on them, and where these attributes land in the buyer journey.

Competitive Mindshare Map

Customers often don’t choose the best service. Instead, they choose the one that is the easiest to understand. A competitive audit that focuses on the position your competitors are trying to own in the mind of your customers reveals where you can distinguish your brand.

Keyword Research

Your customers are searching on Google and other search engines to find answers to their questions. We perform comprehensive keyword research involving technical elements such as schema markup to ensure that the search engines understand the questions you’re trying to answer with your website content and then align it to your prospective customers’ searches.

Distinguished Messaging

In this step, we synthesize our findings from steps two through six to clarify and distinguish your messaging. In this step, you’ll get a positioning statement, brand wheel and personas that will guide your messaging strategy going forward.

“The Best Few” Initiatives

There is no shortage of good ideas, so we prioritize initiatives, planning three to six months at a time. cover. Impression points include video, written content, downloadable content, social media, website updates, paid advertising, and more, based on a prospective customer’s media preferences. Typically, we make quarterly adjustments to the plan as we get insights into what is and isn’t working.


This final step takes us back to where we startedaligning marketing objectives to business objectives. Now, we will inspect what we expect. While leading indicators such as website traffic, likes, and engagement are essential to uncover what is working and what’s not, we dive deeper to understand which lead sources are converting.

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