Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design that works hand in hand with the mobile phone user is important to keeping the user engaged in your website.

Browsing the web on your mobile device is convenient and easy, especially with a website dedicated to having simple navigation. With almost 30% of Internet traffic coming from mobile devices you can’t pass up on the amount of consumers the mobile device opens up to your business.

Back in April, Flurry Analytics found in their 5-year report that U.S. consumers spend, on average, 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smart phones and tablets. 20% of that time is spent on web browsers, while 18% is spent on Facebook. While 20% doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time being spent on web browsers, it is important to note that when websites and articles are viewed within Facebook, the content is viewed inside of the application. So, the percentage of Facebook and Twitter users, which could account for another 24% (equaling out to almost 50% altogether) can still be time spent browsing the web. And with all of this traffic that could be circulating to your website the need for an engaging mobile web design is key to getting your site the attention it deserves.

A simple mobile web design can be easily navigated by your user. The look is smooth and gets right down to the point of your website. You do not want too many links and pictures to read or click on. This could disrupt the flow the user gets from your site.

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