MediaFuel’s TV Buying Guide

If you don’t own an HDTV by now, you might be living in the Stone Age. Granted, choosing a make and model from the vast selection on the market might seem daunting, but we’ve compiled some TV-buying tips to help you out.

1)   Plasma v. LCD – The battle between these two display types has been raging for years, but there might finally be a clear victor – LED-based LCDs. Why?  LED advances have made these back-lit screens thinner and more energy efficient than ever before. A typical plasma TV uses twice as much power as a standard LCD. The only downfall here is that LED-based LCDs are the more expensive option, but prices are expected to go down significantly in the coming months as the technology becomes more available to manufacturers.

2)   Size – 32 inches for a bedroom and at least 40 inches for a common area or living room. Why? With the incredible picture detail of HDTV, stepping up in screen size may just be the best use of your money. The larger the room, the larger your television can be without overwhelming the décor. Seating distance is key as well. In a perfect world, you want to sit no closer than 1.5x the screen’s diagonal measurements.

3)   Necessities – No matter what you decide, there are a few essentials that all HDTVs should include. Make sure your new TV has enough HDMI inputs for all the gear you want to plug in. Showroom employees can help you decide whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish. Also, if you’re keen to have maximum control of your picture, it’s important that your TV has user-friendly controls for color temperature controls, gamma options, and presets for various video-processing modes.

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