Is Vine Worth My Time?

Vine is one of the newest social trends to bring up on the mobile device. It allows for users to create six second videos whenever, wherever, and upload them to the Internet with hashtags based on the content or their message.

The main thing everyone wants to know is: how can I use Vine to profit? And the answer is, it’s not for everyone. If the idea of Vine is ever brought up in a meeting, you first need to step back and look at whatever the product is you’re trying to promote. Creating a Vine is free, but it could be time consuming after you think about the time spent strategizing, planning, and executing. However, it can work! But you’ll have to put some effort into it. Make sure you research hashtags and find out what combinations work the best to reach the largest audience.

If you want to boost your Vines, look around the social landscape for people considered “Vine Famous.” These people can be hired to create video for your page and promote them on their own page that could have anywhere from 25,000 to even a million followers. But beware, it could be pricey.

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