Instagram vs. Vine

In late January, right before the introduction of Vine by Twitter, you had a feeling that something was going to come along that took social media to the next level. Picture sharing was fun and easy but consumers needed something new. So, in response to pressure to continually entertain consumers Twitter announced a video sharing app called “Vine.” Vine allows for 6.5 second videos to be recorded and shared among Facebook friends and Twitter followers. At first people were a little taken back by the idea of a video hosting site, but once people understood the power of point and shoot editing, and how far a little bit of creativity could take you, Vine began to sprout (plant joke). iPhone video sharing was now on a free video hosting site. No longer did you have to upload videos to one friend at a time.

Instagram, the picture hosting app that has captivated an audience of millions, was now stuck with watching Vine become more popular, not only on social media, but also as a tool for news and information, just like Twitter itself. So in response to this growing trend of video sharing Instagram announced its very own video sharing tool, that only required a one time upgrade. With this upgrade Instagram allowed for 15 second videos, selective editing, and of course 13 various filters.

iPhone video sharing was now a competitive market. It was on. Instagram vs. Vine. While the beginning of the battle saw avid Vine users promising their audience they were on #TeamVine, most people pushed to have audiences follow them on both social media outlets. And while people will still argue which one is better, we are here to give you 3 reasons why you should still use both.

– 6.5 seconds allows for the user to have to be creative. The more of a story you can tell in a short amount of time the better.
– Simple layout and ability to explore “what’s popular” at any moment of the day
– Vine has the ability to be embedded in to websites

Instagram Video
– 15 seconds allows for users to capture events that require a little more time than 6.5 seconds
– 13 filters allows users to customize their videos. But remember, filters don’t automatically make videos better
– Users of Instagram don’t have to download an outside app to get video. Just simply upgrade from the app store

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