Indianapolis Videographers

Collaboration and Thinking

Stuck up. Cocky. Arrogant.

Those are common perceptions of advertising agencies and the creatives that work within them. MediaFuel is here to break the stereotypes. MediaFuel’s Indianapolis videographers aren’t here to TELL you how your brand will be perceived by the public. We are here to COLLABORATE with you and find the end-goal of any business need.

Indianapolis Videographers

We believe we haven’t done our job right if the creative brainstorm ends after one idea. We pride ourselves on hours of creative thinking and “blamestorms” (as we call them), because if you don’t like it, it’s the intern we blame. Only kidding.


Indianapolis Videographers

To describe our Indianapolis videographers we revert back to the most common and overused phrase of all time: outside the box. We don’t like to say it, so instead we’ll say we are, “professional, fun, and advocates of any idea labeled – weird.” That seems more fitting.

We don’t wear suits. Business casual consists of jeans, leather boots, and motorcycle jackets, even though none of us own a bike. It makes driving a Honda Civic way more hardcore than it should be.

Video Production Indianapolis

Learn more about our Indianapolis video production company by taking a look at our demo reel to see all the different types of video production our Indianapolis videographers provide.

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