Video Production

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Your Cutting Edge Indianapolis Video Production Company

There’s no more compelling way to tell your brand’s story than through video. We’re an Indianapolis-based digital marketing company that specializes in the video production. It’s what we built our business on. We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their customers through engaging and dynamic video production, and we can help you too. Whether you need something straightforward like a webinar or training video, or an elaborate entertainment video with drone footage and multiple locations, our experienced video production crew can bring your vision to life, including concepting, scripting, location scouting, production scheduling, casting, shooting and final editing.

Brand films

If you’ve got a landmark event such as an anniversary coming up, a new facility to showcase, or a quick message you want to convey through video, the creative team at MediaFuel can put together something that’s punchy, eye-catching and uniquely you.

Corporate video production

A brief, well-produced video tells your company’s story far better than even the most well-rehearsed elevator pitch. Including customer testimonials and closing it with a strong call-to-action can generate leads and pique interest in your business that will result in what we’re all after-- sales. An investment in video for your business will pay off exponentially.

Drone video production

Imagine your video opening with a view of the sky, and then sweeping over your building and flying through your facility. It’s a great big world out there. Show it from every angle. Don’t settle for yesterday’s two-dimensional approach to video. Show 360 degrees of your product, event, or facility. Our drones can get amazing interior and exterior still shots and video that you’ll be able to use in many different applications.

Training and webinar videos

Training manuals have proven to be an ineffective way to communicate policies and job relating tasks to employees. Why tell them when you can show them? There’s a reason why YouTube is the number two ranked search engine. In production environments, video training can also be safer, less expensive, and provide a more consistent training experience than instructor-led training.

Animation and 3D videos

Animation and 3D videos are a great alternative to traditional video production. They allow you to break complex processes and concepts down into easy-to-understand visual representations. You can also show a little more personality with animation. If you happen to want your spokesperson to be a superhero, an animal or a car, for example, animation can make that possible. Our talented team of animators can use art to bring your story to life in a way that will set you apart from your competition.

Explainer videos

A video is worth a thousand words. Why tell when you can show? Demonstrate your product’s benefits, show internal processes and training practices, or show the world what you do with a “How It’s Made” video. In every organization, there are many stories to tell. The MediaFuel video team can help you show, not tell, them.

Video entertainment

You’ll always need videos that explain, demonstrate and inform, but sometimes you just want a video to be fun. MediaFuel can help you entertain and engage your customers and employees with creative video concepts that let you express the personality of your brand.