Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is the hot button item today, plus it’s the future of online marketing.

More than ever before consumers are forwarding through commercials and skipping over internet ads to get to the content they’re looking for. The idea behind content marketing is to attract and retain customers by sharing and publishing content. This can be done by using videos, blogs, mobile apps, social media, white papers, how to guides, Q&A’s, infographics and more.

Content marketing is not focused on hard selling. It’s a means of bringing your customers and prospects through your sales funnel so they eventually buy from you. People will trust that you’re an expert in your profession, which will lead to building an audience following. When consumers are doing Google searches, reading product reviews, watching YouTube videos, and reading what people are saying in social media, you want to be found. Content marketing takes planning and creating the content. Developing an editorial calendar, and strategically releasing the content over time