Inbound Marketing Certification with HubSpot

Optimizing your website, blogging, social media, email, content – on top of content – on top of more content! All of this scrambled together is what we like to call inbound marketing. Inbound marketing assists clients in generating leads by getting found on search engines, establishing thought leadership, increasing web traffic, and increase revenue (The Center For Sales Strategy).

Luckily with HubSpot’s inbound certification classes anyone can learn the basics of providing inbound marketing services for clients. They provide you with a power point style presentation along with a HubSpot certified expert who guides you along slide for slide. The guides are engaging and don’t bore you away from the content. And why some may think that inbound marketing is all about blogging and social media these classes go farther than the obvious. They emphasize the importance of strategic content implemtation and the importance of your websites design. They care as much about your activity on social media as they do the thought process behind your web design.

HubSpot supplies you with easy to understand statistics and facts:
– 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results
– Google looks at behavioral patterns of users on your website
– The half-life of a social media link is 3 hours

HubSpot combines 9 classes on varying topics all related back to inbound. When you’re all done with the classes they provide you with a test consisting of 50 questions with a 60 minute time limit.

Go through the classes and take the test here: HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

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