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The 4 Stages of Work

Every business owner or executive wants their initiatives to be efficient and solve their problems. Nothing great was ever accomplished without discipline and dedication. Our approach to managing your marketing programs consists of four stages. We formulate, create, launch and measure our results to ensure you’re making the highest use of your precious marketing resources.


Clear and concise plans help our clients understand what to expect from our work. We begin our process by understanding your business through the eyes of your prospective customers. We identify customer search habits and combine them with customer insights to distinguish our clients from their competitors. Together we work with you to identify the best initiatives that are most likely to achieve your growth goals.


At MediaFuel our creative work inspires your customers to take action and engage with your business. From 360° videos and virtual reality to demand generation initiatives, we focus our efforts on creativity that tells a story your customers want to hear. We create ways that best deliver your information to your customers.


We discover your customers in the media platform of their choice and use compelling messages to engage with them. We identify your customers' habits and behaviors to ensure we’re achieving the highest reach and frequency of message to generate demand for your business.


We understand that you are working hard to deliver results. We are analysts, and we’ll help you understand how leads are converting through all the stages of your sales funnel. Sure, we look at impressions, views, open rates, and click throughs, but we also measure lead conversion. The numbers tell a story, and we help you understand what’s working, so we can adjust accordingly.

Prospect to Promoter Growth Strategy

There is no better lead source than a referral from an existing customer. Your loyal customers, your promoters, will tell their friends about you and what they say can help grow your business. Prospect to Promoter Growth Strategy identifies your promoters and uncovers what they are saying to their friends about your business, your products, and your services. We help companies implement this strategy so you can accelerate the speed it takes for a prospect to become a promoter of your brand.

Uncover what your promoters value

It all starts by discovering what your promoters are already telling their friends and colleagues about your business. We help you understand what your promoters are saying through our customer-centric workshops and by conducting primary research. Our research method is not what you may expect. We create an experience that helps put people at ease and enable them to tell stories about their own experience with your company. Through analysis, we identify the attributes that motivate your customers to buy and buy again. 

Manage your impressions

Your brand exists in the mind of your prospects and customers. Your customer’s perceptions make up your brand value. We help companies ensure that every impression point including sales, marketing, customer support, product, website, and operations all work together to impact customer value perceptions positively. 

Identify the best initiatives to propel your growth

Marketing is everything. In our experience, there is never a shortage of ideas for what could grow your business, but you live in a world of scarcity. That means you need a partner that will help you make the best use of your time, talent and money. We understand what’s important to your customers as they move from Consideration to Evaluation, from Evaluation to Selection and from Selection to Celebration. At each stage, we work with you to identify the best initiatives that will yield the highest return.

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