How To Use Twitter For Your Business

“@” and “#” have never been so prominent as they are now in 21st century. Twitter has revolutionized the way people speak to each other, taking conversations and condensing them into 140 characters or less.

Don’t know how to use Twitter for your business? It’s simple to start, but hard to maintain. Let’s look @JimIrsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts. His Twitter presence is #huge. You don’t gain over 200,000 followers by tweeting about what you ate at lunch every day. Mr. Irsay knows he needs to interact with his customers, so he constantly tweets out thank you’s to fans and businesses who support the Colts, or he’ll give out an occasional prize. Now don’t go to Wal-Mart and stock up on candy bars to send to potential clients when they start following you on Twitter, but what you can do is interact with your audience. Update them on whereabouts of your company.

Maybe you’re speaking at a conference in a couple of weeks. Tell your audience about it. Did you just launch a new website? Let them know how excited you are and post a link. Below is an example from our Twitter page when we launched our new website earlier last year.

Did the intern just break the copier? Probably not worthy of a tweet.

Twitter can be useful as long as you are tweeting often. People will remain interested in your business if you keep content engaging and don’t flood them with useless info. Use hash tags and key words. Follow other businesses that inspire your creative process or inspire an idea. Let them know that you like their work. It may lead to an unexpected new Twitter follower and business partner.

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