How To Use Tumblr For Your Business

Social media is one of the fastest and easiest marketing tools in the digital age. Why not take advantage of every largely populated area of social media. We will show you how to use Tumblr to increase your business’ search results.

Tumblr isn’t the first go-to when it comes to advertising your business on a social media platform, but it’s worth a look. Tumblr serves as a blog that allows the user to post short pieces of writing, video, audio, or quotes. Users of Tumblr can also follow each different blog the site has to offer. One major difference about Tumblr, compared to other social media sites, is the easy access for people who aren’t registered users. Tumblr posts get sorted into search results, and can increase your search visibility. People who find your Tumblr posts can read all of the content while accessing other parts of your blog without having to be signed in.

Since being founded in February of 2007 Tumblr now has over 94 million blogs and 43.3 billion posts. Just recently Tumblr was bought out by Yahoo for over $1B. And to make sure the evaluation of Tumblr continues, Yahoo promised “not to screw it up.” So, while Facebook and Twitter may seem to be better platforms for expanding your business’ visibility, Tumblr can also serve as a great way to raise your company’s website traffic in climbing the tree of search results. If your company isn’t already blogging on their website, we would highly recommend adding a Tumblr to your website, or any social media pages you feel can raise your company’s visibility to the World Wide Web.

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