Use LinkedIn to Professionalize A Business Online

Use LinkedIn to gain a more professional following. This may seem like, “How to use social media 101,” but perfecting this social media site could be very important for your business.

Facebook and Twitter are great tools for your business to expand its brand and gain recognition from a large audience of potential clients, but both of these social media sites don’t pride themselves on just being for businesses. While both can be used in a professional manner, there is no way to guarantee other people will use it the same way. Spam is a big, annoying problem, and LinkedIn realizes to be professional, you have to surround yourself with professionals, not scams. Use LinkedIn for your business to expand in a more professional based network.

LinkedIn allows you, or your business, to create a profile that can be “followed” by other people who are interested in what you both have in common professionally, or what type of service your business provides. The best function of LinkedIn is that it acts like a business card and a resume at the same time. If you meet a potential client, giving them a business card is great, but those can easily be lost or forgotten, however a LinkedIn connection allows that client to have easy access to your contact information at all times.

LinkedIn’s website search runs on a specific formula that keeps more recent content at the top of the results. If you want LinkedIn to work for your business you need to constantly be up to date with all of the information regarding your company. Talking about projects your company did a year or two ago won’t get you at the top of the results page, but adding text and keywords that reflect on a present project, causes you to shoot straight to the top of the search results.

LinkedIn also has numerous other ways to get your company noticed. You have the ability to integrate your blog and Twitter feed straight onto your LinkedIn page, access numerous groups that closely relate to you or your business, and the accessibility to connect with customers through testimonials, and recommendations. All of this together allows your business to shoot straight to the top of everyone’s LinkedIn searches.

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