How To Use Facebook For Your Business

Likes – everyone wants one. But what is so great about someone giving you an “Internet thumbs up?” Using Facebook is free and can be simple for any business to gain customers, as well as boost their customer appreciation. A simple “like” can open your business up to the world.

How exactly do you use Facebook for your business? Let’s say you’re browsing through Facebook and you see something that you like, a certain business for example. You click the thumbs up (like button), and now every one of your friends knows that you like that business. Your best friend sees the business that you liked and gets curious enough to click on their Facebook page to learn more information about them. They may or may not become interested in the content on the business’ page, but if they are, and they decide to give the business a thumbs up, then they have just opened that business up to exposure to all of their friends. Using Facebook for your business could be great for exposure.

Someone just liked your page. What now? Now you have to feed them content on a daily basis to keep the consumer interested in what you, the business, are uploading to the web. They can like a blog post you just posted, or your new website you just launched. They can comment on what they admire about your page, or give you helpful tips on how to improve different facets of your business. Facebook also allows you the ability to easily share content by an option they conveniently refer to as “sharing.” If you have a page that you know a certain person, or group of people, would enjoy you can share the page with them. Or maybe you have already liked a business’ Facebook page but they just produced a new video that you really enjoyed. Easily click and share the video to every one of your friends.

Using Facebook for your business comes with dealing with nice, and not-so-nice, consumers. Maybe not everyone will be completely persuaded into what your business has to offer, and they will let you know through constructive criticism, either by a wall post, or a direct message. But when you encounter a customer who isn’t satisfied, don’t worry. Just thank them for checking out your business and let them go on their way.


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