6 Simple Steps To Improve Home Video Quality

Improving your home video quality can be easy with these 6 simple steps:

1. Keep the camera steady. One reason home videos look so bad is because they are very shaky, and it is often hard to tell what is going on. One way to improve home video quality, and steady your shot, would be to hold the camera with two hands. Two hands are always stronger than one. Another, more effective way to keep your camera steady is to use a tripod. They are specifically designed to hold a camera steady. Steadying up the camera will dramatically improve home video quality.

2. Keep your camera zoomed out. Zooming in exaggerates the effects of camera shaking. It is better to move the camera toward whatever it is you want to film. Don’t be afraid to get close to your subject.

3. Make sure you camera is in focus. Almost all video cameras have built in auto-focus features that will automatically focus on your subject. If this feature is available make sure you turn it on.

4. Keep your film clips short and exact. You want your videos to contain action shots. Having a lot of shots with no action can make your home videos boring and no one will want to watch them.

5. Make sure there is something happening in your video. This sounds basic but you need to be sure that something is happening on screen. Do not film boring shots that provide little context to what your audience is viewing. It will turn your viewer off.

6. One final way to improve home video quality would be to edit the footage in a program on your computer. Programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker are simple tools, that make is easy to edit a video together, add transitions, or music. In these programs you can take your home video and make it your own. Remember keep it simple. Adding too many transitions and effects can actually take away from your home video.

Family gatherings are a great way to create memories that can last for years, and one way to make sure those memories last a lifetime is to film them. Home videos are great ways to remember past events and special occasions like birthdays or graduation.

With these simple tips and tricks you can make you home video cinema quality. Good luck and happy filming.

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