How A Viral Meme Can Help Your Business

“How can a viral me help my business?” Great question.

Welcome to the digital age. It seems now that every tid-bit of information is readily available for you on the Internet. And having it so easily at your fingertips means that almost every one in the world is right there with you. With so many people using the Internet we are able to contribute, and share, anything that we want.

This is the part where YOU come in.

Meme: an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.

A meme is an act that can be spread around easily between multiple parties, usually involving speech, gestures, writing, or videos. Now here is where you and the Internet meet. What’s the easiest way to unroll a new fad to the world? You guessed it, the World Wide Web. Let’s say someone creates a video that is seen by thousands or even millions of people. That video is then retransmitted by more parties, each their own variation of that particular video. This video has just become a viral meme.

The Harlem Shake came to viral meme prominence in January of 2013. A video uploaded by a couple friends from their bedroom has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, from marketing firms to NBA locker rooms. Even here at MediaFuel we put our own creative spin on the viral meme. You may be wondering how such a thing could affect your business. After our video was uploaded we went viral by spreading it around Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Our view count isn’t in the millions but our video was featured on the Indy Star website, which helped us gain a couple more hundred views. Gaining notoriety through a viral meme can boost your company’s image, as long as you do it right. You can even go about trying your hands at making your own viral meme. Take a little break and get the brainstorming session started.

Plus, you know, it’s fun.

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