Google’s SEO Secret?

The mobile phone continues to surpass the desktop in usage by more than 50% year after year, and with the tablet quickly catching up to the desktop, these two more accessible-friendly devices are the future of business.

First let’s start with the more obvious option, the smart phone. If you are a business professional and you haven’t picked yourself up a smart phone yet, you should stop watching this video right now and go get yourself one. The whole world is accessing each other on the mobile phone, through social media apps like Facebook accounting for 60% of sharing on mobile phones. According to social info discoverers, ShareThis, the mobile web is almost twice as social as the desktop.

But besides social capabilities, another up and coming device is proving to be a “must-have” for any business owner. The tablet provides powerful business tools that can impress future and current clients. Is your sales team still working with out of date pamphlets? Tablets can allow for your sales team to not only save money with digital versions of the pamphlet, but they can also incorporate video and allow for team members to update real-live data that is sent all across the company with the click of a button. Tablets can even provide instant feedback to customer’s just seconds after leaving a meeting. A tablet can also provide you with the ability to access documents from your desktop. Forget a presentation? No problem. You have full access right on your tablet.

Welcome your company to the digital age with tools to take your business to the next level. Not sure how to go about doing this? Try us. We are one of the leading Indianapolis advertising agencies

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