Get your boss interested in SEO

Is your boss one of those who doesn’t understand the importance of search engine optimization? Well we have a way to prove to him or her that it is important.

Tell him to look for your company just by using key words. For example, if your company is a security company, have him just use words like “security,” “provider,” “company,” “alarms,” “protection” and any other words relating to your business. If your name comes up on the first page of the results, then you should be fine, but if you cannot find your company, then you need to improve your SEO.

Most searchers do not look past the first page of the results. (Every now and then, people might look past the first page, but it is very unlikely.)

You want your site to be easy to find, so to do this you need to improve your SEO. We as one of the leading Indianapolis SEO companies, will be posting an article on ways to improve your SEO shortly. Stay tuned.

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