Font: Leave an Impression on Your Audience

Font choices for the body of your text, headline and company logo can make major impacts on your audience. Keep these tips in mind when selecting the text for your message.

Be consistent. This is especially important when it comes to logos. In order to create better brand recognition, having a consistent font will help your audience remember your company or product. Being consistent will create a more professional image and in turn increase customers’ trust level. This does not mean that a unique font is necessarily needed. FedEx for example simply created the arrow in its name by pairing Univers with Futura Bold. The hidden arrow design has become famous and praised for its ingenuity.

Keep your audience in mind. When selecting a font, think about what it is you are trying to promote or sell. If you want a professional look, Comic Sans or Jokerman would not effectively get this message across. However, if you are a toy company or party supply store, one of these may fit with your audience. Whatever your industry, make sure that your font matches that industry and message you wish to portray.

Stark differences are important. If you do have different fonts, for instance with a headline and subhead, make sure there is a distinct difference between the two. Readers should not have to question whether or not the two fonts are the same or if there was some sort of mistake. The font change should signify to the audience that the two fonts are different parts.

Readability. Regardless of your industry, the font you choose should be able to be read easily. When it comes to headlines, more creative fonts can be used because of the length of them. However, with body copy, stick with more readable fonts such as Times New Roman or Baskerville. A font that is difficult to read will cause your audience to pass over your text and your message will not be received.

Font choices can have a major impact on your audience so choose carefully but enjoy the creative aspect of it as well.

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