March Featured Projects: Thursday Pools Beach Entry and Sunken Living Room Videos

When you have a cool new product, you’ll likely want to create a video to tell the world about it. But what if your product doesn’t exist yet? How do you tell the story of something you’re in the process of creating that people can’t yet touch, see or use?

Through animation. That’s how. That’s what we do for our client Thursday Pools, a fiberglass pool manufacturing company based in Fortville, Indiana. The team at Thursday Pools is constantly innovating and creating new designs. Honestly, we’re wearing out the phrase “world’s first” around here.

So, when Thursday Pools came to us and told us they had invented the world’s first Beach Entry fiberglass pool, and shortly thereafter, the world’s first (see what we mean?) Sunken Living Room fiberglass pool, we had our work cut out for us.

So, we started out with a video script we hoped would help people imagine what these experiences would be like. We asked the audience to dream along with us. To visualize having a beach just outside their back door. To fantasize about having a romantic dinner for two or other special moments not just BY the pool, but INSIDE the pool.

Then, we challenged our video animation team to bring these imaginations to life. Take a look and let us know if we took you there.






So, If you have a product you want to show the world that can’t be captured on film, and you’re looking for video production in or around Indianapolis, give us a jingle. For that matter, give us a jingle even if you’re not in Indianapolis… we’re happy to work remotely, or come to you– especially if you live somewhere fabulous and warm! Bring your ideas to us and let us find a way to show the world what you’ve made (or are about to make) through the magic of video production and animation.

We love a challenge. Hit us up.

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