Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign can be kind of tricky. Send too many and you are running the risk of overload. Send too few and they may not get noticed. How many emails you send to customers, both existing and potential, as well as what your emails say is where you walk the thin, thin line.

When you are looking for something to make a delicious sandwich with, you should always pick out the real thing and go for the ham rather than the other stuff. When a customer is looking for something to buy, whether it is a product or a service, they are going to be interested in the real and informational email, not the hyped, commercial email. Go for the ham, not the spam!

First, you will have to decide how often to send your emails for your campaign. The world of advertising and marketing moves fairly quickly, so it might be best if you send them about once or twice a month in many cases, but no more than that unless there is a special and specific need to do so. For instance, if you need to correct information or inform of a special sale, then you could use an additional email. Otherwise stick to the bare minimum or you run the risk of being dismissed as just more junk. It is a proven fact that humans start tuning out things that they see or hear too frequently – look at how many times you have told your kid not to bounce his ball in the house to apparently deaf ears.

Second, you will need to make sure that you are including the right kind and the right amount of information in your emails. They need to be well written and eye catching, as well as short and to the point, which is where the Indiana digital agency MediaFuel can assist you.

You want to give information, but not all of the information. The key to the email campaign is to get people to go to your website and the key to the website is to get them to buy your product, sign up for your service or join your club, period. The email should give them basic information that leaves them wanting to know more. Some emails mention price; however, if you are going to be leading with that information, you are running the risk of making the customer’s decision for them. Make them want to know more about your company and what you have to offer before you give them the full scoop. Make them actually want to know badly enough that they click on the link or type in a web address and get the full tour. If you do give a price, lead with a price that is meant to entice people to come and find more products.

An email campaign works well when it is creating more visits to your website. And we at MediaFuel can make that happen for you. Contact us today to get started.

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