Don’t Be THAT Guy


Now that Halloween has passed, it’s officially okay to put up Christmas decorations (by most people’s standards, at least.) The holidays are special, in part, because those twinkling lights, jolly Santa statues and festive wreaths are only around for a limited time. If everyone put them up in July or took them down in May, they wouldn’t be special anymore. And we’ve all got at least one neighbor who doesn’t get this. You know, the guy who’s got the scraggly, dead wreath with the tattered, faded, sorry-looking, used-to-be-red velvet ribbon on his front door when Easter is just right around the corner? And you drive by his house and think, “Doesn’t that guy know Christmas is over? Doesn’t he care? Can’t he just take two minutes to update his front door?”

When it comes to social media, are YOU that guy?

We’re all busy. We all have good intentions. And we all want people to have the best possible impression of our businesses when they come across them out in the world. You’ve been told that you need to be on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIN, so you’ve dutifully created pages. Maybe you’ve gotten some likes or follows. Maybe you’ve had an intern make a few posts for you. Maybe you meant to post something yesterday, but someone called in sick and a client had an emergency and your meeting ran long… in other words, you didn’t have time. We get it.

But if you’ve got social media accounts out there that haven’t been updated in months (or longer), we hate to say it, but you ARE that guy. If a current or potential customer comes across your Facebook page (your virtual “front door”) and it’s got hopelessly outdated information on it, you’re sending this message: “We can’t keep up with everything we’re supposed to be doing.” And that’s probably not what you want your customers to hear.

overwhelmed worker

What’s the solution? Well, you can go one of two ways. One solution is to simply close those accounts. We don’t recommend this, because social media is here to stay and it’s an amazingly effective and cost-efficient way to communicate with your customers. But closing the accounts that you never update is far preferable to letting them languish like that forgotten Christmas wreath.

The other solution is to get some help. Strategic, on-brand, on-message and ongoing communication with your company’s audience is too important to delegate to an intern, or anyone else who doesn’t have a vested interest in your business’ success. It might be time to think about bringing in a strategic communications partner with the experience, knowledge and savvy to keep the image you’re presenting to the world fresh, up-to-date and designed to make your phone ring and your email blow up.

At MediaFuel, we’re ready to be that partner. So whenever you’re ready to update your “front door” give us a shout. Don’t be THAT guy. Call us today at 317-578-3399, or schedule a free consultation today.



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