Content Management Systems

Needing to rely on a webmaster for maintaining every detail of your website, especially in terms of small changes, additions and tracking web usage, can be very tedious. Most web designers insist on keeping the control over all of the details for themselves. After all, some of them feel like Dr. Frankenstein musing over their monster, after having brought it to life. Websites are not monsters, at least, they are not supposed to be, and web design companies are not evil geniuses either!

MediaFuel, an Indianapolis web design company, doesn’t treat your website as our “own monster.” With our custom content management system solutions, you can log in to a password protected area and change webpages yourself. This includes updating text, uploading pictures, removing and adding content and more. Our content management system solutions can also be used to track website usage, video, capture customer data and more. If you need a custom add-on to our solution, we will design and build an application to work with the way you do business on the web.

Being able to change or update your web page is important, but should not require the need to call your designer or webmaster for every single detail. Perhaps you want to update the website to reflect a sale or to make a correction, and you want to do so in a faster way than you could if you had to go through the webmaster. Imagine this situation: you make the call, get an answering machine or service, and then play phone tag for the afternoon. What are you going to do? By the time you get a return phone call, will your quick sale opportunity have passed? Will an error have already cost you part of your profits? Think of this: because of an error during the design, the price for a product has been added to the site incorrectly, and the numbers are superimposed. By the time that you get that error corrected, how many people will have taken advantage of it? A content management system gives you the ability to solve all of these problems.

If you keep track of the media usage and other aspects of your website, you will be able to know whether or not it is successful and where you might need some more work. Being able to change your website as you need is important. While you want to trust your web design company implicitly, you do not always need to put every aspect of your website updates in our web company’s hands. No matter how busy you are, make sure that you retain a little creative control and the ability to make a few decisions on your own as well. At MediaFuel, we realize the importance of this, and give you creative freedom so you can make changes to your website as you need to.

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