Digital Marketing Strategy Cures Lead Generation Woes for PolicyStat


Policy management for many healthcare facilities is still transitioning from paper to software platforms. PolicyStat, a policy management software provider, has been steadily growing in their business but was seeing a significant increase in unqualified marketing leads. At the same time, competitors were working to pursue prospective customers, leading to increased outside pressure.

The Solution

MediaFuel created an integrated brand communications and lead generation plan to create consistent, reliable and measurable results for PolicyStat. To earn the measurable results, the items we produced throughout the campaign include lead generation content, paid digital advertising and website redesign.

Tactics Used

The Results

Nine months into the partnership the client had received a two to one return on ad spend. We were also able to help the client improve lead velocity rates and conversion rates through time. With the client, we identified the impression points that were generating the highest return and those that were not working. The improved lead generation and conversion rates led to the client outperforming its 2016 sales goals and positioned the company for a successful transition in ownership in 2017.