Content Marketing and Reputation Management Bolsters Hays + Sons’ Online Presence


Hays + Sons came to MediaFuel looking to increase their online presence. The conversation around their brand online was being overshadowed by negative reviews. These reviews were not representative of the thousands of customers they had delighted over 35 years in the restoration business. Even though they were the top restoration company in Indiana, they felt they were missing out on the web as a lead source because of their online presence. They challenged us to turn around their online reputation and increase leads from the web.

The Solution

MediaFuel created an integrated brand communications and lead generation plan to create consistent, reliable and measurable results for Hays + Sons. To earn the measurable results, the items we produced throughout the campaign include content creation promotion, 360 videos, website redesign and pay-per-click advertising.

To deal with the disproportionate number of negative reviews online we employed active and proactive reputation management. By proactively reaching out to customers asking for reviews online we can suppress negative reviews with more positive reviews. We also actively monitor reviews written about Hays + Sons and respond to any negative reviews swiftly and professionally to show the company takes negative feedback seriously.

To increase web leads we created content and updated the website to focus on highly searched terms related to Hays + Sons’ most profitable services. We continuously monitor changes to the Google Search algorithm and update the site to optimize search rankings and increase organic search traffic. We also create video content to help people understand the restoration process during a chaotic time in their life.

Tactics Used

The Results