Bridging the Gap

Every once in awhile I am reminded just how much older I am than most of my co-workers (most of the time they let me know) and for some reason, music seems to be that lighting rod. A song I used to play while being a DJ in 1996 as a sophomore at Ball State turns into the discussion of “you know I was 5 then right?” It then hits me that I was in college, while they were in kindergarten.

And those former kindergartners are now helping lead our agencies into new and innovative solutions for our clients. Whether it is liquid responsive web design or using a BlackMagic with a Ronin stabilizer for video shoots to get a new perspective, they are constantly honing their craft.

Not once have I ever felt that age should be anything other than a number, especially in business. I know plenty of 22 year olds that I would trust with a marketing strategy over some 52 year olds and some 22 year olds that I wonder how they managed to get gainful employment. In either case, it is the drive, curiosity, and tenacity of any individual that makes them great, not their birth date. But there is also a sweet spot in the middle.

This is where I believe businesses need to bridge the gap. Take a generation that has only known digital, a group where some of these people coded their first website in the 5th grade and marry them with a group of individuals who have fine tuned their craft in understanding a brand and you have a winner.

It is a mix of old school hip hop with EDM, pop, and whatever else you want to throw in and you get your song selling millions on iTunes. It is a generational blur, the purposeful thinking of long ago advertising campaigns now vetted through new channels like pre-roll videos, social media posts, and landing pages at the end of the funnel to receive your leads. And thankfully through digital a majority of this is tracked, measured, and re-marketed.

So I am starting to embrace the elder statesman role. Taking a page from the Beastie Boys to Pass the Mic to the next generation of up and coming strategists, developers, and directors. And as long as we bridge the gap with old school strategy and new school techniques then we can remain an ageless wonder in the advertising and digital worlds.

Give us a call if you would like to see how a team of young and innovative individuals, with an old guy like me thrown in, can help your company grow.

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