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Team Member Spotlight: Krista Finley

Krista Finley | Account Executive Krista, we’re doing it right now!!! Sure, she looks relaxed here. But don’t let looks deceive you. Krista cracks the whip like nobody’s business. She manages complicated accounts and creates schedules that boggle our minds. She’s never met a deadline she couldn’t vanquish. Krista has boundless energy. She’s always one […]

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Team Member Spotlight: Micki Harlow

Micki Harlow | Creative Director “Creative” doesn’t begin to tell the story. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, Micki Harlow is a creative force to be reckoned with. She’s a crackerjack designer and an awesome storyteller. She could crank out amazing content all day long. But there’s more. She’s scary smart. She can […]

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Team Member Spotlight: Chris Bass

Chris Bass | Chief Strategist Drive. That’s what Chris Bass has, and that’s what Chris Bass does. (And we’re not talking ‘bout his car.) We’ve never experienced drive quite like this, and we’re all pretty high spirited around here. His mind goes about a thousand miles a minute, and he’s always thinking three steps ahead. […]

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Team Member Spotlight: Jeff Kivett

Jeff Kivett | Principal Visionary Make that Rock Star Visionary. What in the Sam Hill does that mean? What exactly does this guy DO all day? Well, any organization, without vision, would be lost. Jeff’s wheels never stop turning, and the ideas keep on coming. Whether it’s virtual reality, 360 videos or software, Jeff has […]

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Four Tips to Guide Your Marketing Budget

Developing and operating a successful business is a bit like rocket science. A rocket can’t get off the ground without fuel, and your product or service can’t reach your audience without its own fuel—marketing. Treat your marketing budget like it’s an investment in the fuel that will propel your business into success with increased brand […]

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