Bigger, Bolder Web Elements

The year 2012 is going to be a big year for web design – in the literal sense of the word. Web marketing experts are pinpointing bigger page elements, larger icons, bold headers and gigantic footers as the new norm for 2012.

Aside from big being in style, the trend may serve to improve site usability as well. For example, footers are no longer an afterthought at the bottom of a web page. Instead, footers have been revamped to serve as comprehensive, easy-to-use site directories. If the user has any question as to where something is locate on your site, the new instinct is to scroll immediately to the bottom. Likewise, give your footer plenty of room to breath — let it shine with a large, complete index of your site’s materials.

Enrich your site with larger header graphics and big, rich imagery. In today’s visual culture, it’s better to capture your audience with a distinct look and feel from the get-go, then let your copy do its job once you’ve got their attention.

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