Behind the Scenes and In the Eyes of Your Audience

Check out a sample of a behind the scenes video!

With shows such as “How It’s Made,” “How Do They Do It” and “Modern Marvels,” audiences are demonstrating their interest in how things around them are produced. Behind the scenes videos provide viewers with this revealing and fun information.

For example, over 10 million people have watched the behind the scenes version of Lady Gaga’s “LoveGame.” This demonstrates the public’s interest in the how it’s made aspect of the media they consume. Behind the scenes videos can help build customer trust as well. If done correctly, they can demonstrate the care and attention to detail that is put into the final outcome, whether this is a service or product. This helps build customer trust and loyalty.

Personal connections can also result from behind the scenes videos. When the customers can put a face to the business, they are more likely to interact with your company and thus create more buzz. This can lead to more website hits or social media followers.

When making a behind the scenes video, be sure to plan out the script, what will be shown and where it will be shot. While spontaneity is valuable, a basic plan should be in mind to keep the video on track. High quality video needs to be the goal. A more professional produced video will make your business seem more professional as well.

In addition to this, editing is essential. Superior video editing will create more valuable material. Audiences eyes have been trained by example to dictate what qualifies as good video and what could be seen as un-professional, or poorly produced video. While audiences may not be able to pinpoint specific issues with the video, they may notice that something appears to be off.

Once your video has been edited, put it out for your audience to view. Decide what outlet will best promote your video. Some potential outlets for this include YouTube, your website or Facebook. So get a plan, get a camera and get your message out!

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