A Winning Website Design: The Dos and Don’ts

Social Media Marketing Website Design is the first step when creating a winning brand. Every business has a goal to create a compelling website that will hold the viewer’s attention and make them say “WOW!” We have all seen websites that make us cringe and cry due to a boring image or overload of colors and text. Building a professional platform and website design for your business is easy to do following the dos and don’ts below.  

Structure and Layout

Dos– Choose a layout that is clean and easy to navigate on all media platforms. Build a structure that aligns with your business; strong, organized and professional. Keep your important content at the top of the page where your viewer’s eye first looks to create a powerful first impression and website design.

Don’ts– Avoid cluttering your pages with too many images, icons, banners, and so on. No one wants to scroll through a messy page. Stay away from centering text and images, 


Dos– Text and photos are your way to visually excite your audience. Use only one or two high resolution photos per page and keep your paragraph length short. A picture is worth 1000 words so pick your best and stick with it for a strong website design.

Don’ts– Avoid using jargon that lacks professionalism and overbearing language that your reader cannot relate to or understand. Stay away from too many keywords in one section and instead stick to one topic to ensure simplicity.

Colors, Font and Backgrounds

Dos– Pick a color scheme that fits together and strengthens your brand through the entirety of your website design. Pick one or two typefaces and differentiate sections using text size and weight.

Don’ts– Avoid a busy background that takes away from your main images and text. Stay away from too many colors and remember white space is OK.


The cold truth is most website surfers have the attention span of a three year old kid. Keeping your website design simple and to the point will create a stress-free space for the viewer to search and find what they need. From structure and layout to colors and fonts the main goal is simplicity. Accomplish simplicity and you will succeed at creating a stunning website.


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