World’s Dumbest Apps

Of all the apps on your mobile phone, how many do you actually use? Is our society suffering from app overload?

With more than 500,000 available apps in the App Store, people become overloaded. There are pointless apps and repeated apps. We did our own little check to see how many apps there are that are the same, or at least similar. Is it truly necessary for there to be this many apps that are basically the same?

Who really needs an app that makes your phone fart or an app that makes a stapling sound?

Here’s some pretty dumb ones:

– Poop the World: Uses the iPhone’s GPS to help you record a global map of everywhere you’ve done business.

– Kiss Me: Gross digital kissing booth. If you are kissing your mobile phone, you’ve already lost.

– Hang Time: Measures just how high you can throw your $500 iPhone.

– Beer Opener: Simulates the sound of a beer opening.

Check out this funny comic that illustrates just how ridiculous some of the apps can be. What do you think? Are we the only ones who think this is crazy?

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