10 Twitter Tips for Businesses

Take it from us – Twitter is a free and powerful tool for connecting with your customer base. Check out these simple ways to make your business’ Twitter account live up to its potential:

1)   Be real. Your followers are more likely to pay attention and respond to you if you show you are a human. Post pictures and fun facts about your employees and your business.

2)   Reply! If someone mentions you or sends you a message, respond to them immediately, even if just to say thanks.

3)   Interact with your followers. Ask them questions and get them involved.

4)   Follow other businesses. Following shows that you play well with others and you’re interested in what else is going on in the business world.

5)   Show your credibility. Post articles that relate to your business and that are useful to your followers.

6)   #Hashtag. Using “#” in your tweets you will increase the likelihood of others finding your company. They will see the “#” and then be curious about who is tweeting about the particular topic.

7)   Add links. Link your tweets to interesting articles you find.

8)   Help. Be there for your followers. If someone asks for you assistance, help him or her out.

9)   Encourage your employees to join and follow you. Have your employees interact with the page. This will also help your followers see you as real people.

10) Use it. Do not get an account and let it sit. People will forget about you.

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