10 Facebook Tips for Businesses

Take our advice – Facebook can be a powerful tool for connecting with your customer base. Check out these simple ways to make your business’ Facebook page live up to its potential:

1) Personalize your page. Facebook has some cool new features, like the timeline function. Utilize them to make your page fun, unique and interesting.

2) Be real. Have one-on-one conversations with your friends and fans. On your page, profile your business, employees and yourself. Share interesting things about all of them.

3) Post pictures. The sad truth is that today’s web audience would rather look at photos than read.

4) Respond. If someone writes on your wall or sends you a message, respond immediately.

5) Post links. Find interesting articles and put a link in your status, accompanied by a short explanation.

6) Be interesting. Post facts and fascinating tidbits that will draw the attention of others.

7) Have your employees “like” your company. Also have them interact with the company page and their fellow employees. This will add that human element to your business interactions.

8) Check-in. Have your employees and even your customers use the check in function to get your business on the map.

9) Use it. After you sign up for your Facebook account, keep updating it. If you don’t, the world of Facebook will forget you exist.

10) Don’t overuse it. Do not send out a bunch of mass e-mails. People will mark you as spam and it will hurt your business. This is not the way to get people’s attention.

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