MediaFuel is a full-service Indianapolis based agency helping to accelerate your marketing and digital goals. We use creative thinking and intellectual processes to accelerate your business growth. Smart strategy combined with creative marketing and digital products accomplish meaningful digital strategies for your business. Our dedicated, innovative, and hardworking team of educated professionals will propel your business to its highest potential. Our one-of-a-kind client dedication will assure satisfaction and real results for you and your business alike. MediaFuel will bring fresh and compelling ideas to your business that your audience cannot resist. No matter the size of your company or project, our Indianapolis Digital Agency is ready to create a cohesive pair between your business and consumers.

Business Strategy

Digital Communications Plans

We develop plans to attract new prospects and improve communication to your existing customers. We will help you create a voice for your company that is as smooth as a Morgan Freeman voiceover.

Digital Sales Tools

We build digital tools to help optimize your existing sales teams. We make sure they spend less time finding that one document and more time closing deals.

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Website Design

Liquid Responsive Design

All of our sites are designed to be liquid responsive. That means no matter what screen your customers view your site on, the site will be optimized to fit it. No more pinching and zooming to click on tiny desktop format buttons, or having tons of blank space on a larger screen. This will also future proof your site to look good on any new devices.

Easy to use CMS

We develop all our sites with a Content Management System (CMS), to make it possible for you to update your site anytime anywhere. This means you don't have to call us every time you want to update the imagery on your homepage, or even create a new page. Our sites are so easy to use anyone can update them, yes even you!

Custom Design

A lot of developers use standard templates to create sites. At MediaFuel, we will create a custom site just for you. You don't want to be the one caught at the sales meeting wearing the same site and your arch nemesis.

Video Production

Brand Films

Having a hard time telling your brand story with written content on you site? Let us tell your story with a new video. Click the link below to see some of our work samples.

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Motion Graphics

We can tell your story through motion graphics as well. We work with you to develop imagery that represents your brand and your products then display them in a visually engaging way.

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Digital Marketing


Whether you are looking to improve your PageRank or drive more traffic through pay per click campaigns, MediaFuel can help you get new customers to your site that are ready to convert.

Content Marketing

Our turn-key marketing plans mean you can stop putting off that company blog or new brand film and let MediaFuel create it for you. Our strategy will also make sure that you see results from your efforts.

Social Media Marketing

The only thing worse than not having a social presence is having dormant handles. MediaFuel’s social team will help you keep your pages up to date and nurture your community.


Optimization Strategy

We live in an age where limitless data is always at our fingertips. At Mediafuel we update our strategies as we go based on our analytical findings. We are experts and moving budgets and optimizing landing pages to drive the highest possible ROI.

Site Visit Analytics

You can’t optimize your sales funnel if you don’t know what your site visitors are viewing. We will help you know everything about everyone who visits your site, not in the creepy way.

Marketing Communications

Print Marketing

MediaFuel has produced booklets, mailers, advertisements and other “call to action” print pieces. Although MediaFuel primarily produces digital work, our experience developing promotional items over the years shares a similar thought process with our work in the digital realm. Well designed mailers could make the difference, resulting in them finding their way into the consumers hand and not the trash can. A good mailer design shows off the personality of the company while detailing important information to the consumer.

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Brand Development

We create brand experiences for your business and market it to your audience. MediaFuel has helped companies of all sizes with marketing solutions that produce real results. Our solutions help companies stand out and connect with their audience.

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