Stay Compatible with Responsive Web Design

When creating a new website it is necessary to determine how the site will look on all devices; laptop, iPhone, tablet, and even an 80-inch monitor. The best way to achieve a well rounded and aesthetically pleasing design on all outlets would be to use an approach called responsive... Read More ›

A Winning Website Design: The Dos and Don’ts

Website Design is the first step when creating a winning brand. Every business has a goal to create a compelling website that will hold the viewer’s attention and make them say “WOW!” We have all seen websites that make us cringe and cry due to a boring image or... Read More ›

Why it’s Time to Update Your Website

Many of our clients over the years have asked when a good time to update the website would be.  My answer?  I say never stop updating your website!  There are some basic website 101 rules you should not break.  Making sure your website is desktop, mobile and tablet compatible... Read More ›

How to build a marketing strategy: Target Market

Our Digital Marketing Strategist Tyler Holmes walks you through step 1 of creating a Marketing Strategy: Target Market No matter your company size you should have a solid marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be some 100 page document outlining every minute detail of your day to day marketing tasks,... Read More ›

The Sign Of A Creative Apocalypse in Web Design

Is the web design apocalypse upon us? It appears that every website is starting to look the same. Where did all the innovation and creative spirit that attracts clients and new designers to the creative industry go. It is the “Creative” industry, is it not… The fact that we... Read More ›

Why we chose Basecamp for project management

After several years of using the same system, the MediaFuel team decided that it was time to make the switch to a different project manager. After much research, we decided that Basecamp was going to be the best fit for us. We were looking for something with a very... Read More ›

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